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  • Deep Dive into Drama: Kdrama Story Analysis

    A truth universally acknowledged, is that people love drama. And my personal favorite kind of drama happens to come in the form of Kdrama–the genre of South Korean TV shows. By now, I think everyone who knows me, knows how much I love Kdrama. I love the way these stories use subtle undertones to express […]

  • The Writing Diaries pt. 11 – New Waters

    Tides will turn, winds can shift, and at times even the rain changes direction. Sometimes, our inner well of creativity changes, too. One day you might draw up the pail from the well expecting to find water, only to be met with nothing. It can be shocking and even scary to realize that it’s no […]

  • Pieces of Summer | Recommendations

    What sort of images come to your mind when you think of Summer? For me, it’s blazing sunshine, melted ice-cream, hot pavement, big shade trees, green grass and long afternoons. The days and nights of summer are bright, vivid, and filled with so much spirit and adventure. And during these summer days, my taste in […]

  • “Living Like We’re Golden”

    Once upon a time, there was a sad, and lonely, fan-girl. For two long years, she watched as the world tipped sideways, and everything unraveled. She was helpless, as postponed concerts and cancelled tours piled up all around her. It became harder, and harder, to feel the spark of joy she once had from her […]

  • The Writing Diaries pt. 10 – The Art of Letting Go

    One of the hardest things in life, is knowing when to let go. When to accept that it’s time take a step back. When to admit that something in your life is leading you in circles. Coming to that realization can often feel like failure, like giving up. But in reality, taking that step shows […]

  • Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic Too

    Hello friends, I hope you’ve been well. I realize I’ve been absent for quite some time, and I’m terribly sorry to have left you waiting. My usual quiet, and calm life has been anything but, as of late. I could say I’ve been “busy”, and move on, but I thought it would be better to […]