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  • 2022: A Year in Books

    Each year that passes can be defined in a number of ways, not the least of which is by the books we’ve read. It could’ve been a good, bad, or unexpected sort of year, based solely on our reading choices. No matter the outcome, though, I always enjoy looking back at the stories that made […]

  • Dear December

    Dear December, Here we are again, meeting together for what feels like such a short span. It is a special and memorable time, as you are to be the last memories we carry with us into the next year. It is quite a busy time for you, my dear December, and sometimes I worry for […]

  • The Writing Diaries pt. 12: An Update

    Hello friends, I hope this post finds you well. Are you gearing up for the approaching holidays? Somehow, once again, it feels like they’ve sneaked up on me. November especially, seems to have grown legs and gotten away. One moment it’s the height of summer and it feels as if it will always be that […]

  • Good books on a cold night

    Low patters on the roof echo like a verse of poetry. Small beads of light dance along the panes of the windows, and wood creaks softly as heavy beams shudder against the wind. Night arrives swiftly, carrying a damp cold that chills to the very bone. A match is struck, and a lamp lit. A […]

  • Deep Dive into Drama: Kdrama Story Analysis pt. 2

    Welcome to part two of the Kdrama Analysis series! This is the series where we are taking apart, piece by piece two of my favorite Kdrama’s. And with the eyes and ears of a writer, we are examining the different elements of the Three Act Story Structure as they play out on the screen. The […]

  • Deep Dive into Drama: Kdrama Story Analysis

    A truth universally acknowledged, is that people love drama. And my personal favorite kind of drama happens to come in the form of Kdrama–the genre of South Korean TV shows. By now, I think everyone who knows me, knows how much I love Kdrama. I love the way these stories use subtle undertones to express […]