Hey there, I’m Sage

Sooooooo, it rained the other day…and…well… it was a pretty big deal.

Why such a big deal, you ask?  Because you see, I live in the desert.

I love the rain so much, but sadly I don’t get to enjoy it very often.
I can’t even remember the last time it did rain.
I’ve always longed to live in a place where it rains all of the time…or at least on a somewhat, regular basis. But, maybe the reason I love rain so much is because it’s so rare around here. I sometimes, wonder if the people that get rain all the time, lose their appreciation for it. But, I don’t think I would.

We get teased plenty of times, with big, dark, threatening clouds, wind, and even rumbling thunder, but rarely any actual rain. So surprisingly, this time, the clouds pulled through; and it was glorious! (And by rain, I mean a solid four, or five minutes of water falling violently from the sky, before packing up and heading off to the next stop.)

So then, of course, I went outside to capture some images of the aftermath.

Oh, and by the way, this is about the extent of ‘monsoon season’ around here.

Wet leaf.
Wet wood.
Majestic apple.
CUMULONIMBUS! I like that word. I learned it from, Up.
Hollyhock! Pretty, right?
One drop, two drop, three drop, blue drop.

Well thanks for, “dropping” by! (see what I did there, eh?)

I hope you enjoyed your visit, and come back soon!

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