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Good books on a cold night

Low patters on the roof echo like a verse of poetry. Small beads of light dance along the panes of the windows, and wood creaks softly as heavy beams shudder against the wind. Night arrives swiftly, carrying a damp cold that chills to the very bone. A match is struck, and a lamp lit. A golden flame shines into the darkness, sending shadows racing to the corners of the room. Steam billows up from a pot, adding a sharp whistle to the song of the rain. A mug is set out, with a medley of spices and herbs, adding a sweet aroma to the earthy musk coating the air. Wool socks are drawn up over cold feet, and a thick quilt is spread on the sofa. A cloth-bound book is opened; its worn pages creased with old memories well loved. Strokes of ink unravel themselves into flourishes of time, and place. They forge a path through the darkness of night, away from the rain, away from the cold. They travel far, and wide, into lands unknown, until traces of home are nearly forgotten. But a ringing shatters the illusion as attention is pulled from the words on the page, numbers blink zero on the timer, and a voice breaks the quiet of the room.

“Ah… I’ve almost forgotten my tea!”

(I hope you enjoyed that little snippet of story, and envisioned yourself on a cold and gloomy night, just as eager to curl up with tea, and a book.)

Friends, autumn has officially fallen. It’s that magical in-between season, when the colors of nature have their final hurrah before their long deserved slumber. I’m sure you can relate when I say that this time of year reignites my creativity and love for reading. There is something special in the air, and I try my best to soak up the quiet of this season. I’m drawn to simple things, like baking, drawing, and reading. It’s the time of year when I look to my giant TBR, and dream of reading all the books on my list. Like squirrels storing up acorns for winter, us readers gather up as many books as we can to keep us company during these cold months. So I’ve put together a small list with a few books that will whisk you away on journeys far and wide. So gather round, pour yourself some tea, and let’s read about books.

Boneshaker, by Cherie Priest


Set in an alternate past, while the Civil War wages on in the eastern United States, residents of Seattle are battling a different kind of foe. When a genius inventor unwittingly unleashes a deadly gas from the depths of the earth, life and death take on a completely new meaning. The once booming city of Seattle is now walled off from the rest of the world, concealing the deadly Blight, a disease which causes the dead to rise again. Those who escaped the atrocity now dwell along the outskirts of the city, leading a rough and troublesome existence. But there are some who still live in the city. Through a series of tunnels deep within the belly of Seattle, outcasts, and fugitives of society eke out a new way of life. And when a young boy from the outskirts sneaks into the dangerous realm of Seattle, his mother will stop at nothing to bring him home safely.

A story of adventure, and the incredible lengths a mother will go to for her son. Fans of steampunk, historical fiction, and anyone looking for a good story will enjoy Boneshaker.

The Guinevere Deception, by Kiersten White


When a young woman assumes a new identity as Lady Guinevere, King Arthur’s bride-to-be, she is tasked with a challenge. Moving to Camelot, a city where all forms of magic are banned, she must stick close to Arthur’s side, and stand guard against attacks of sorcery, and wizardry. But as she learns the complicated ways of royalty, while keeping her magic hidden, questions of her true identity arise. Guinevere is tested with her greatest hurdle yet; coming to terms with her past, while fighting for the future, and what she truly believes in.

A creative spin on the legend of Merlin, and King Arthur, The Guinevere Deception is loaded with intrigue, and magical secrets. This story was so much fun to explore, and is a great read for these cold nights.

The Scorpio Races, by Maggie Stiefvater


The small and desolate, Isle of Thisby, is known for one thing, and that is– The Scorpio Races— a yearly competition where contestants must capture and tame the Capaill Uisce, deadly water horses that emerge from the sea every autumn. Riders train vigorously, for they know that not everyone will survive. Struggling to make ends meet, Puck Connolly does what no girl has ever dared to do before, and enters the race. But the quiet and mysterious, Sean Kendrick, the returning champion, will let nothing deter him from taking the prize.

If you’re looking for an incredibly intense, immersive, and atmospheric novel, then you should pick up The Scorpio Races. I’ve talked about this book on my blog before, and I’m probably going to keep talking about it for a very long time. This is one of my all-time favorite books, with one of my favorite fictional landscapes. Taking place in October, and into November this is the perfect read for the fall season.

Six Crimson Cranes, by Elizabeth Lim


After being cursed by their wicked step-mother, Shiori, princess of Kiota, and her six brothers are banished from the kingdom. Shiori’s brothers have been turned into cranes, and for every word that Shiori utters, one of her brothers will die. But a forbidden magic runs through Shiori’s veins, and she will do whatever it takes to free her brothers, and herself from the curse.

This story reads like a legend of old, and tells a heroic tale of a princess fighting for her family. If you’re looking for classic tale of fantasy, and adventure, Six Crimson Cranes will take you on a journey you will never forget.


That’s it for my list. I hope you enjoyed this post, and found a book or two to add to your TBR. And I hope you enjoy the remainder of fall, and take in as much of the sights, smells, and sounds of the shifting seasons as you can.

Happy autumn!

Tell me, what sort of books do you like to read during the fall and winter months? Are you looking forward to tackling your TBR this season?

Thank you for reading,

Lady S

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  1. Ahh! What a stir you gave to my imagination! Excelent post! I feel as if I just returned from a journey! The synopses all hooked and sold me as well! Thank you Lady S! You never disappoint!

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