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Painting a Cottage


Do you ever dream of whisking yourself off to a secluded corner of the world? Settling down to live a quiet life, in a cozy cottage, with only the trees for company?  I do, quite often, actually. (Can you say ‘introvert’?)


It’s the one ever-present dream in the back of my mind….
It’s the one dream I want, more than anything else… that cottage deep in the woods (or near the ocean). I’m not sure exactly, when that feeling started, but I feel like it has been with me always.  It travels with me every day and has become part of me, and I think I will hold fast to it, always.


So, in honor of my dream, I decided to design and paint my little cottage. I haven’t actually, water colored in a while, so I’m a little rusty.  I took this time to practice, and hone my dimensional skills both, as an artist and as a dreamer.


I “drew” inspiration (no pun intended), from a few photos on the internet, and also a bit from the ol’ noggin. For materials, I tried out my new Prismacolor Col-Erase pencil, in the color vermilion, (which I happen to adore). It blends incredibly well with paints, and markers.


I also used my trusty Winsor & Newton water color palette, along with Guache paints for a few accents.


I’m pleased with the outcome, but, I still have plenty of room for improvement. I really want to work on creating more texture, and layers, but that will only come with practice. (Any tips would be appreciated.)


This is my hand crafted depiction of my little, dream cottage in the woods, and I would happily live here, if the opportunity should ever arise.
Until then, I’ll keep the idea tucked away in my “heart-pocket”.

What about you?
What is your dream home?
Do you have any dreams tucked away in your “heart-pocket”?

Anyway, thanks for reading,

Lady S



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Painting a Screech Owl


I had the pleasure of meeting this little creature at the zoo a couple of weeks ago. She is, I believe, a Western Screech owl. She was found, and brought in to be treated for an injury to her eye, and it was sadly discovered that she was blind. The zookeepers decided it was best for her to live with them permanently. She was very lovely, and sat quite calmly on her keepers’ hand, even as crowds of people drew close to sneak a peak. She didn’t mind the attention at all! (Obviously she couldn’t see them, duh, but I do wonder if she could sense them.) The way she was able to blend in with the tree behind her was unbelievable!

After taking a few photos of her, I really wanted to try painting her. So I did, and now you can view my attempt below:





I had a lot of fun painting this (mostly because with feathers, you can cheat, and basically just make a bunch of random squiggles and splotches). I used a white Jelly Roll pen, (my secret weapon),  to highlight, and fill in small details. I decided to use my Sakura Koi watercolors for this project, and I had lot of fun with them. I hadn’t used them in quite a while so it was nice to get back to them. (I do recommend them, if you haven’t tried them.)

I may not have done her justice, but I had a lot of fun trying!